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Energy-se.x: Feel into life force energy

With Eleanor Rutman

Do you feel like there is more to having „normal“ sę.x and you want to experience a deeper level of exchanging sę.xual energy?

This workshop might open a door to a whole new world and gives you some tools, also for whenever you have „real“ sę.x. It lets you feel your whole sę.xual potential and opens way for full body or heart org@sms and feelings you might have never explored before, like an extreme spaciousness in your body and a clear, peaceful mind.

One participant once said to me: „Your Workshop opened up a whole new world to me, i will never again have dull and „normal“ sę.x anymore. It’s like a next level and I can’t wait to get home and practice this with my partner, even without touching her!“

In this evening workshop we will start to connect first with our own energy level. Building up our own life force (which is mainly also our sę.xual energy – what we have learnt in society to shut down most of the time.) We will be using breath and sounds and some qi gong movements.

And then we start to exchange this energy with another person. If you are a couple you may choose to do all the exercises together. But I like to point out that every person has different energy levels and qualities to offer, so you might profit even more if you exchange partners. (Similar to a dance lession, where every encounter offers new learnings for your body, mind and spirit.)

In the end we will gather and ground the energy and Vera will play some music. So you will go home fully nourished and feeling complete. There will be some time for snacks, chatting and cuddles at the end of the workshop.

Note: During this workshop your clothes will stay on. Please wear comfortable clothes like yoga or sport clothings.

The workshop will be held in a safer space and we will work with consent. It will be also a learning for you when you feel and communicate a „hell yes!“ and a „full no“. Every feeling is welcome during the exercises.

The workshop will be held mainly in english with some german explanations.

In this workshop you will learn

1. How to connect to your own life force and sęxual potential.

2. How to exchange sę.xual energy and feel more!

3. Tools to take home and practice.

4. How to say „no“ when you don’t feel comfortable.

5. How to say yes if you feel like „Wow, please more of this!“

6. How to nourish, selfregulate and ground yourself.

7. How to communicate with your own body and the body with another.

8. Some Sę.xual Vitality Qi Gong Practices, to maintain your life force.


For whom is this workshop:

Couples and Singles both very welcome. Note: You can also bring a friend.

For people who have already experienced a course around exchanging energy and already have worked with communication around consent. For instance participants who have accomplished an ISTA Level 1, visited some t@antric workshops, a Cloud Event, worked with Eleanor in a Conscious Flirt-Workshop or a „Move Your Energy“ – Online Course or have met Eleanor or Livia through a Sensual Speed Dating. Open for all genders and sę.xual orientations. With the registration please fill in your telephone number. Eleanor might contact you if she feels she doesn’t know you yet. To find out if you are ready for this course and for her to be able to contain a safer space.



Eleanor Rutman: Co-Founder and Facilitator of Sensual Speed Dating, Cuddlingtherapist, Yin Yoga- and Sę.xual Vitality Qi Gong Teacher and Coach. Eleanor Rutman comes from the World of Film, Theatre and Communication (Radio). She has already offered more than 180 Sensual Speed Dating-Events and several „Move Your Energy“ – Workshops. Eleanor Rutman loves to build mindful bridges between the genders. Where women, men and non-binaries beings can feel into their true essence, perceive and communicate their needs and simply be human.


Tania Longhitano has been training as a Group Facilitator and Coach for HeartiQ communication. She lives in the Jupiterhaus Community, where she has been able to use her skills for sustaining a healthy communication.

Arhat Broger has visited many t@ntric massage courses and is a practitioner of healing touch body work. He has a golden soul and and a wonderful intuition for holding spaces.

Music by Vera