Sessions one to one: Freestyle massage from George

Special massage therapist highly recommended by Elana Andermatt

A Freestyle Massage is offered by George.
Each treatment lasts at least 2 hours.
Always included is a short welcome – or orientation meeting; (duration is between 5 and max 15 minutes).

Voice of  Elana, who tried this special type of bodywork: „George is highly recommended and „proofed“. His bodywork is very special, opening and releasing tention. A type of trigger point bodywork which open frocen muscles and tissues.“

We work on and with the entire body, which includes attention to body vibration and energy frequency.
It is possible within the Freestyle-Massage to (optionally) focus on a specific theme.
The introduced theme is then the basis for supporting a transformation process with the Freestyle-Massage (with direction for a desired experience in – daily – life.

Themes within the above context may include:
– Work / Business / Projects
– Relationships/Partners
– Health
– Money
– Or something else

Freestyle-Massage was created over a period of almost 20 years of experience, or 10,000+ body and mind sessions performed within 8 EU countries.

28.1. ab 7:30h – 30.1. bis 23h
28.2. ab 12h – 1.3 bis 18h
30.3. ab 16h – 1.4. 18h

190 Chf (per 2 hours of treatment)

Contact and reservation:
Anna from TAnnaTAO – +41 76 454 21 12